Free Patterns

On this page, we will offer a growing number of free patterns that we hope you will enjoy. Some will be easy, some will be for more advanced knitters, and some might just be goofy. These are patterns that are not in the book but patterns that we feel are basic foundations to any knitters collection of ideas and inspirations.

Have a Hat!

Here's the instructions for a basic 'roll brim hat' knit in the round. You can adapt it to any gauge and any size and I found this to be the simplest way to make a hat! You can add a pom pom to the top or leave it as is. You can stripe it in different colors or keep it easy....whatever suits your creative fiber spirit. (pic coming soon!!!!)

Roll Brim Hat

Contributed by Tracy Kincheloe (who made over 200 of these in one year)

Gauge: Stitches per inch ________ X________ around head = # of stitches to cast on ________.
For example, gauge is 4 stitches to the inch X a 20" = Cast on 80 stitches. Round off to a number evenly divisible by something!

Rolled brim hat - **
Cast on appropriate number for gauge. Making sure stitches are not twisted, place marker and join round. Knit every round to following sizes: Knit to 4" for a baby hat, then begin decreases.
Knit to 5" for a child;
Knit to 6" for a young teen;
Knit to 7" for an adult.

**Please note to make this with a ribbed or garter stitch edge, subract 3/4 - 1" from the above calculations.

To Decrease:
Place 2 markers at beginning of round.
Divide your total # of stitches by 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10. Place a marker every X stitches as you knit the next round. (Example: 80 cast on stitches divided by 8 = 10. Place a marker every 10 stitches as you knit one more round.)

Next row: Knit to last 2 stitches before the first marker, knit those 2 stitches together. Continue knitting the round while knitting the last 2 stitches together before each marker. Stop at double marker (beginning of round). Then knit next row.

Next row: Knit to within last 2 stitches of each marker, knit 2 together. Then knit the next round.

Continue decreasing every other round for a gentle rounded crown shape. When there are too few stitches on your needle to knit any longer, cut a 20" tail of yarn, thread your yarn needle and thread it through the remaining stitches, drawing them up tight. Make a knot inside of the hat. Weave ends.