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The Punk Knits Book Has Arrived!!

The book is finally here! I am thrilled beyond belief to see it, touch it, hold it, smell it and of course, find it in stores! The book involved a lot of people's efforts from my helpful contributing designers, Catheryn Clarke, Mary Delfin, Lisi Grinstein along with my endlessly patient editor, Melanie Falick (Weekend Knitting, Handknit Holidays) to a slew of pattern editors and more. Now that is has arrived....well, it almost feels surreal.

The 'cover girl' is none other than punk legend (and my dear dear friend) Texas Terri who is on tour in Europe right now. In any case...I hope if you do like to pre-order your books, it's up there at a nice savings! Feel free to add it to your knitting book 'lists' on Amazon!

Read more about the models, the designers, the photographer and all those hard working people who made it happen!

Skull Needles

pk needlesThe skull needles have sold out!

Thanks for your support!!!